because the internet

this is a header, of sorts.

this is simply content, of sorts.

this is alleged to be some code, of sorts. 
  let foo=$(bar);

#apologies to whoever codes whatever language this looks like a mutant form of 

a second header

same size as the first header, just want to see if there is an hr break between them.

this is a second paragraph, and unfortunately we have basically hit the limit of my fluency with markdown. i don’t even know how to do proper formatting. you would think that putting asterisks around something would bold it, but my friend, you would be mistaken. also, this sentence was started after breaking the line above, but there is no space between the two sentences. same with this one. i want to see how md handles line breaks, because i do not use word wrapping but typing out a paragraph on one line seems… weird.

let’s hope that i dont need to add anything else

closing time, one last call to lick my balls