because the internet

a quick rundown

just wanted to hop on and paint s quick picture of what’s in store for the upcoming months as i get more familiar with hugo (yeah, i finally caved). i don’t want to make any wild promises here, so i’ll call this a quick brainstorm sesh and that will be that.


first and foremost is obviously settling on a theme. you’ll probably see a newer design by the time this is published. aside from that, merely interacting with hugo is, in of itself, some good practice. the first static generator i ever used was pico, and then i moved to grav and got sort of sour on what i felt were very convoluted static gens. at some point, dynamic websites somehow become less complicated than what things like pico seem to in the process of becoming.

i went in the opposite direction after that, and tried blazeblogger. shoutouts to a seriously crafty piece of software, it’s very well polished and has withstood the test of time

it wouldn’t hurt, i suppose, to write all that up into a retrospective. i hesitated to hop on board hugo because it seems like it’s fairly trendy, but man, the hype is real.


i really wish i had kept track of the past year more closely in terms of the individual parts and components of my current workflow i focused on and built upon, because man, my prompt is lookin gooooooood. best i’ll be able to do is maybe touching on some of the broadstrokes such as learning to use if/then statements to build a shell rc file that can flex between different userspaces and machines. it would be neat to maybe record a termcast in which i set up a fresh linux install, and then see how quickly i can set up my daily driver terminal prompt. some highlights include building an enhanced ‘ls’ to list files, a sudoless npm(!), a variety of tools to use for styling motd, and using git to make my common rc and styles portable enough to drop onto any terminal with internet access.

single-board chipz

let’s do this part tomorrow, i am tired as shit