because the internet


i said i would post about some of the single-board chip projects i’ve been working on the day after my last post (normally you’d see a link here but guess what, i am lazy and it takes you like 2 clicks to view it so buck up (yes i know it would have taken less typing to make a link (but fuck you))) but as usual, that never happened because my mind is slowly turning into swiss cheese. or maybe it’s always been swiss cheese but now it’s getting moldy. and yes i know cheese is basically mold anyways, have some nuance you peasant idiot. just kidding.

nausea: jeff rosenstock brutally attacks chris “get hard” gethard

instead, i will non-sequitor with this still of jeff rosenstock being himself around some dude. why? because i wanted to test image rendering - as much as i like markdown and its fairly intuitive markup (…i just got the joke. markdown) the “short"codes for posting images are pretty freakin annoying.

fun finds

i will have to find a standard way to format this section because i will probably be doing alot of this, as i am always lurking github for neat little programs and apps to help me streamline my efficiency, so i can… find more interesting programs and apps. before i do anything else though, i want to mention two in particular that i use so much now, thati sometimes forget they aren’t officialy supported packages, and on fresh installs i usually try to call them via apt when doing my initial apt install.

the first is hget - it rules. basically it’s something like lynx or w3m, except instead of launching a text-based browser, it merely grabs whatever url you enter, and displays the text as if you had concatenated it. i really anjoy this for a variety of reasons. for starters it saves you some time when you intend to only view a page or two, as you don’t have to load up a program, mess around in it, view the page, then close out. on top of that, accidental keypresses won’t inadvertantly cause you to execute some command at w3m or lynx (i’m really bad about using the arrow keys when i should be using tab, for example, and instead of moving around the page, it tries to intuitively jump forwards or back)

and speaking of concatenation (i freaking love that word. i’m not going to ever stop using it. i will probably also use it in many places where it doesnt even make sense.) another neat little program is simply called ‘bat’. unfortunately its creator, a mr. sharkdp, hosts the main source on cargo, which is the rust package manager, which concatenatedly (keke) happens to be a language and pkgmgr i am not very familiar with. so there are occasional hiccups when i am on a new desktop and the compile goes haywire, it fails to build, and i don’t know the common libraries well enough to know what might be missing that should be already there.

but i digress - bat is a replacement for the cat command, except instead of merely printing the contents of a file, it also tries to apply syntax highlighting, if it detects that the file contains code. of course as soon as i typed that i realized i havent tested if it actually tries to guess the language, or merely looks at the file extension. i’m leaning towards the latter. in any case you can simply cargo install bat and it will grab the relevant files and start building - and hell, sometimes it will even succeed, leaving you with a great little tool to quickly view a file without having to open a text editor.

what else

nothing. that is enough typing for today. two posts in a single month is, quite literally, a personal record for me this year. not to wax personal here, but adhd is a motherfucker, and i always tell myself i should do more writing, but it’s way more fun doing the things i tell myself i should be writing about. like concatenating files.