because the internet

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seriously, i am sad that such a perfect month-related pun isn’t really applicable, because why the fuck would anyone want to not use vim.

currently trying to break my operatormono addiction, and the general obsession with fancy italic terminal tricks. i mean, it’s awesome to use for your personal computer, but i find myself trying to set up italics support on like… devboards, or basically any computer i use.

probably the best way to do that will be to post this breakdown tutorial on how i set my desktop commandline up, but let’s not kid ourselves, that will probably be coming literally next year


time to get serious about the redesign, which i have started and failed and scrapped and restarted a bajillion times. i have no idea why everything is so difficult for me to pursue, when it comes to projects. i don’t think i am alone in experiencing the phenomenon i call “the loop”, in which one continually puts off a myriad of projects by basically ‘surfing’ between them endlessly. start working on a project, get next to nothing done because the second something slightly complex comes up taskwise, a quick alt-tab to check websites leads to rabbit holes that in turn might yield new ideas for some other project or two. months - years - later, your workspaces are nothing but endless textfiles filled with interesting links, endless @TODO’s, and zero content or output.

i spent tonight basically torching all the fragments and orphaned directories that comprised the sort of hollow shell of becausethenet, i consolidated everything under one roof and i am going to try to remind myself: this is it! - the core of the website will not improve a single bit by whatever bell or whistle pops up on the hackernews frontpage.

baby steps. i always give advice along the lines of being patient and trying to think long-term, but i might be the very person i need to tell this to more than anyone.

hot soft ware

none this week. awhile back i posted, i think, about how annoying the markdown editor i am currently using can be, and unfortunately it looks like not much has changed. gonna have to go comb through my cache of vim plugins and see which one is rendering my markdown code on the fly, because god damn yo, the second vim throws those autocompleted parenthises, my cursor disappears and everything explodes.

of course, maybe simply disabling the auto()’s would be twice as convenient. what’s crazy is, i am still very much a beginner when it comes to using vim, but given what i have seen so far, i think i will be able to find a way to selectively load or remove plugins based on the type of file i am handling.

the thing leading to this mini-rant, by the way, is ironically not even complete, so im not sure what exactly i was gonna fill in for the URL. but as i add to it, the result will be a small collection of rust binaries compiled for arm64/aarch64, including some very useful utils like bat/exa/ls (for looking at filetrees and files on the commandline in formats that are both informative and eye-pleasing), starship (a prompt that is at-once gorgeous, flexible, fast, and quick to learn), and some other useful applications. i’ll try to get it ready asap,