because the internet

twenty-nine teens

it’s time for the end of the year retrospective!

just kidding.

planned dec stuff to type about:


realistically i won’t finish december with even two paragraphs of one draft covering one of these topics, but a man can dream. not for lack of trying, though: i have been writing more in my notebooks, which is getting me back into the habit. but the obstacle will always revolve around my inability to return to something started: if i sit down to write something, and i don’t finish it, it might as well not exist. alot of ruminating has led to my figuring it might be related to my obsession with authenticity: editing a piece of writing, in my mind, is almost like posing for a photograph, arranging the scene, etc. (don’t get the impression that i am some lofty specimen who doesn’t routinely do that, which makes everything re: my views on editing a piece of writing that much more bizarre)

unrelated. recently ive been trying to find the best way to share music with a coworker. say what you will - it was nice when you could assume everyone would have a cd player. nowadays it’s like, “do i flash a usb drive? bluetooth? email? online filesharing? cd?”


something i do plan to get done asap will be going live with a small tweak to the frontpage. the internet has destroyed my ability to really write at length, instead rendering me to a more limited twitter-length style of broken-up thoughts. i figured it would be real inconvenient to post them in the current format - clicking a link to open an “article” that’s a sentence or two seems like a waste.

so i figure i’ll start jotting stuff down in a file and then just render the contents onto the front page. we’ll see how it goes.

(UPDATE: well this failed horribly, as of 12/19. i’m not ready to blame hugo just yet, but i do want it on record that they aren’t making it super easy to whip up a sort of 2blogs1page format)

well until next time,